Code of Ethics

The Alberta Tree hound Association adopted the following Code of Ethics in 2005.

Recognizing my responsibility as a houndsmen, I pledge:

  1. To conduct myself in the field so as to make a positive contribution to hound hunting and the wildlife I hunt.
  2. To understand and strictly observe the Alberta Wildlife Act and regulation when hunting with my hounds.
  3. To practice and promote ethical hunting, in the spirit of “fair chase” in order to demonstrate my abiding respect for the animals I hunt.
  4. To support and actively participate in organizations promoting hounds and hound hunting so that future generations can enjoy the opportunity to train and hunt with coonhounds.
  5. To understand and promote sound breeding practices in order to maintain or improve upon the recognized breed standard(s) for coonhounds.
  6. To show consideration and respect for others by seeking permission to access private property or lease lands.
  7. To always be aware that there are individuals and groups trying to eliminate hound hunting and that my actions must demonstrate respect for: the animals I hunt, other recreational users and the general public.

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